Venue and Travel

How to get to the conference

  • The conference (Monday, June 18 to friday, June 22) will take place at the Nouveau Patio in the middle of the universty campus, 300 meters from the Observatoire astronomique and a 5 minutes walk from the heart of Strasbourg. The most convenient access is either by foot from the town center or by tramway, line C, E or F, getting off at the stop "Observatoire".

Address :
Nouveau Patio
20 rue Rene Descartes

Travelling to Strasbourg / Train strike information

A common option, especially for overseas participants, is to fly to Paris airport (Roissy Charles de Gaulle) and from the airport directly catch the high speed train (TGV) to Strasbourg, which has a high frequency (1 every hour to every 2 hours). However, the french train company (SNCF) has scheduled strikes for the 17-18 and 22-23 june 2018. In the most recent strike events, this has led to the cancellation of 1 in 3 trains, and this is therefore the baseline of what we expect for our conference. The policy is that if you have bought a train ticket for a cancelled train, you can take a later train on the same day with the same ticket. With this in mind, we still expect the participants to be able to reach Strasbourg on the same day, provided they do not plan to take the very last train of the day. The train schedule indicating the cancelled and running trains is put online the day before at 17pm Paris time on the SNCF website. Please try to check if your train is running or not. A list of possible alternatives is given below:

  • Take the next train (favored, default option).
  • Bus from Paris airport (Ouigo, flixbus).
  • Flying directly to Strasbourg Entzheim airport, very close to Strasbourg (a high frequency shuttle connects with the town center in a 15 min ride, which should be little impacted by the strikes).
  • Flying to Basel Airport and then book a flixbus (no more than 25 euros, 2 hours 30 trip) directly from the airport to Strasbourg.
  • Use a car-sharing service such as blablacar. With a little bit of luck, cheap rides can be found directly from Paris airport to Strasbourg (4.5 hours ride).
  • Fly Lufthansa to Frankfurt airport (NOT Frankfurt-Hahn!) and from there a Lufthansa bus will take you to Strasbourg. Note that you can also take the Lufthansa bus to Strasbourg even if you did not get to Frankfurt airport on a Lufthansa flight, but to do so you need to book your seat on the Lufthansa bus in advance or directly on site (riskier option as the bus may be full). Otherwise, it may also be possible to connect Frankfurt aiport to Strasbourg by train. This last option requires some planning because the timetables are not necessarily optimal for that. Use the german train website On the positive side, the german train is NOT expected to be on strike.

We are very sorry of this last minute problem and sincerely hope that this will not cause too much stress and chaos for your travel.